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Let's Jump In

The South Village is a plan for the 160 acres south of Brick Street that will include offices, green space, connections to the Big 4 rail trail, public restrooms, new parking, restaurants and shops, and places for new families to call Zionsville home.

This plan accomplishes many long-term goals that the Town of Zionsville has been working towards for many years. Upon adoption, the South Village:​

  • Harmonizes new development with the Brick Street Business District

  • Creates and protects land areas for development south of the iconic commercial area

  • Ensures that future design meet the cultural and economic needs of the community

  • Stabilizes an area that has fallen into disuse

  • Combines retail shopping and entertainment to create a destination

  • Attracts office development and corporate citizens to the community

  • Welcomes residential development near the Village to increase the economic vitality and versatility of Zionsville

Project Goals

The total number of acres included in the entire development


The percent of the PUD that is actively protected green space


The number of years since this area of Zionsville was first studied by the Town


The number of buildings that the town will be tearing down for this PUD


The maximum number of stories for buildings north of the creek


By the Numbers


Let's Zoom In

One important area of focus in the South Village is its intersection with Brick Street.

This Vision:

  • Protects the bricks on Main Street

  • Reroutes vehicles onto 1st Street to enhance the pedestrian experience on Main Street

  • Creates a new opportunity for an outdoor gathering space east of 1st Street and south of Hawthorne

Preservation of the Village Entrance

With the new bridge, this plan also maintains a line of sight of the Village from Zionsville Road as vehicles cross the creek. Listen to why this part of the project is particularly important to Mayor Stehr.

Maps & Renderings

Building Height Limit
Area Overview
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